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Once upon a time,

humankind was led by wonderment and a sense of awe for that which they did not understand:


The lurking shadows under their beds, the beauty of a strange song in the woods, a yearning for what's underneath the surface of the darkest lakes. And they longed to be tempted and led astray by it. 

Once upon a time, humankind wanted to believe in a secret world in the corner of their eye. A world where thoughts dance in ecstasy and spin wildly off into the night. Where deals of sweet pleasure are struck in exchange for memories and hopes. In this world, we rule over the magic of human dreams and fears and therewith the very essence of their lives. 

Once upon a time, their desire and their despair were ours to mold, but humanity has begun to awaken from this dream - and as they strive to explain the unknown, we grow weak and dim until we're nothing more than a flickering streetlight in the mists of human knowledge.  


So let us gather - may it be to spark another period of dreaming or to dance one last time until

the morning's cruel light.

Let us gather to harvest what is left of fairytales and stories. 

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