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Poltergeist LARP makes Live Action Roleplaying events for children, teenagers and adult participants, either in English or in German. As a team, our focus lies on diversity and inclusivity - we aim to both offer a safe space where anyone can be anything and to encourage our participants to explore new worlds, new identities and new perspectives.  


Our events are driven by stories and the beauty that lies within telling them. We take an interest in personal ideas, in you as a human being and the stories you bring to life.  

Base Principles

Our events are explicitly anti discrimination of any form. At our events, we actively aim for queer and culturally diverse representation, empowerment of minorities and the inclusion of anyone regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ability or the like.


Anyone is welcome at our events. We aim to provide relevant information in regards to the accessibility of our events and will work to make them as accessible as possible under the given circumstances.  


Events for Children

Play is the most natural form of learning.
Through roleplay, we invite children to let their fantasies run wild in a pre-written setting.
Together, they might solve riddles, craft equipment and costumes, learn about nature and living in the wild or solve different conflicts and problems within the story.

In doing so, they develop a variety of social and practical competences and get to explore different perspectives and approaches. After all, the game is a secure place where children can try themselves out safely and learn in a playful, natural way! 

Language & Cultural Exchange

At the very core of our concepts lies a love for all the cultures that surround us in this world. Therefore we aim to actively provide an insight into other cultures and enable exchanges wherever we can.  
We arrange both English and German speaking events that may happen in Germany or abroad for any participants that are interested in it.

We'll always be happy to try and include you, no matter which languages you speak!  

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