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Upcoming Events

These are the upcoming events for adults over 18 that are organized by members of Poltergeist Larp

and projects we lend our experience and support to in many different ways!

If you are interested in our projects for children check out our Youth events page.

They are added in order of event dates and may shuffle when new events get added.

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22.-25. August 2024

Imagine there’s nothing you must do, at all, imagine not having to calibrate that scene, not having to worry about whether you played that confrontation to your fullest potential.

No stress, no forced endings, no bleed.

Imagine you could have an afterparty every night.

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1. February 2025


On Pins and Needles is a Sartre-inspired larp about facing the consequences for past actions. The larp is set in the modern times, where 18 morally corrupt characters have died and found themselves entering hellish afterlife. However, instead of the traditional flames and pitchforks, the scene is set in the surreal atmosphere of a bowling alley, where time is suspended, and each character adopts a role of both a tormenter as well as a victim.



A LARP run by Heidi Meyer and Patrick Rabo

with support by Poltergeist Larp

5.-9. March 2025

At Madam Tabram’s, you can find whatever your heart desires. Yet, as the fog creeps in and the night sets, Madam Tabram’s occupants remain ever so unaware of the shadows prowling the exterior, ready to consume the brothel and all of its unfortunate souls.

Tabram is a horror/burlesque Larp set in the year 1888 in an exclusive brothel named Madam Tabram`s. With strong themes of horror, debauchery and sexuality.


A Midsummer Disco is a larp about

folklore in a modern world that is

everchanging - and rapidly so.

It is about the stories of an old time, surviving and thriving in the fog of a neon-lit dancefloor, in superherocartoons and the first videogames.

It's also a larp about a time when the world stood at the edge of extinction in the light of the Cold War.

It deals with a race of immortality and the surreal facing a potential, inevitable end.




16.-19. & 21.-24. August 2025

A LARP inspired by Susannah Clarke's Piranesi.

It is about surviving in an inhospitable place in a tight-knit primitive community with themes of superstition, gratitude and amnesia.

crimes Kopie 3.png

APRIL 2026

Based on the novels and indie rpg by Olivia Hill.

They take contracts using iHunt, an app which freelance monster hunters use to find profitable prey. It's like Supernatural meets Uber, Buffy meets Airbnb, and sadly, Blade meets Fiverr. 

Their story is about what makes a monster, what makes a human, and how much is a life worth? It's equal parts dark humor, slice of life, and social commentary.

And there surely will be more in the works at a later point!
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