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What is larp?

Live Action Roleplaying is a kind of performative art in which participants play a role for a set amount of time in a specific setting. There is no audience to LARP, everyone is an active part of the story unfolding.  

LARPs are usually arranged by the organisers, or as we like to refer to ourselves: The orga.
The orga arranges a location for the game to be held, provides the participants with all necessary information and writes up the plots or "storyline" - game impulses that the participants then react to with their character. This might be conflicts, riddles, problems, a quest or a dramatic turn of events. Participants interact with each other in their characters and form relations to each other, playing on friendships, rivalries, family, on betrayals, laughter, joy and tears.
The way a story turns out is not typically set, it just develops through the actions, choices and consequences of the characters in the game. 


No LARP is like another - there are many different formats!
Some play in historical eras like the Victorian times or the middle-ages. Some don't play in the real world at all but in fantasy realms with dragons, elves and hobbits. Some LARPs last only a day, others a whole weekend or more. Some LARPs are very abstract, some take place in dystopian futures. They might be simply for fun or they might incorporate themes into their design such as political discourses and educational purposes. Some games provide characters that are prewritten by the organisers to be assigned to the participants via a survey, other games ask the players to write their own characters.  

The thing that unites all LARPs is that participants interact with each other and the storyline in character. The goal is to try and act as the role, consider how they'd react, what they strive for and what they might struggle with. It allows us to explore other realities than our own and understand new perspectives that might be hard to access in everyday life. 

The Baseline of our Events
  • Consent

    • We only want to play what everyone involved wants to play. This may sound natural but really, it's important to us.

    • If anyone isn't having fun with a scene or a character or a certain topic, they do not have to engage with it. We are here because we want to be and no one should ever be forced to for example jump into a lake if they simply do not want to.  

  • Co-creativity

    • We provide the design, the logistics and different levels of plot and lore. But this is a game and it doesn't work without our players!

    • So at our games, we encourage all participants to take initiative, involve themselves and contribute to each other's experience. It's much more fun that way! 

  • Emotional safety

    • We know that playing pretend can make you feel things and we are there to offer a quiet space and someone to talk to when things get intense and you might need a breather.

    • We take the wellbeing of our participants, may it be emotionally or physically, seriously. 

  • Community

    • One of the most beautiful things that spring our of LARP is the community and the friendships we take with us when we put away our costumes after an event.

    • We are here to facilitate a space where such connections can be maintained and grown, even outside of events.  

Potential Event Examples

Event for Children

The event is aimed at children and they create their characters themselves, together with the organisers. They play the scholars of an old troll druid in a mystical forest who teaches them about magic, about the old ways and the hidden world: the world of faeries, gnomes and wandering stones.

The event happens once every month for one day and all the costume they need is a simple brown robe that they can decorate and personalize if they want to.  
Each time the characters learn something new about the mystical forest and get to know new inhabitants of the dark woods. One time they meet the dryad who needs help repotting his sapling children into more fertile ground, another time they hear about a pixie that has been captured by a greedy hunter and must be freed from her clutches. 

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